Thursday, January 10, 2008

Planes and Trains

One of our Italy people sent us this information regarding getting to Florence from the airports and I thought I would share. Most airlines referenced are Europe based.


Florence “Amerigo Vespucci” Airport: also called “Peretola,” Florence is served by Meridiana (from London, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona), Sterling (Copenhagen, Oslo), and SN Brussels, as well as the bigger companies. From the airport you can take a 15-minute taxi to the center of town (about €25). There is also a bus from the airport to the bus station (right next to the main “Santa Maria Novella” train station). The service is called “Vola in Bus” and is operated through Sita/Ataf. It takes 20-30 minutes, and costs €4. Tickets can be purchased on the bus.

Pisa (“Galileo Galilei”) Airport: Pisa is serviced by more budget airlines than Florence, including Ryan Air (Dublin, London, Liverpool, etc.!), Easy Jet (Bristol, Paris), Jet2 (Leeds, Manchester, Belfast, Edinburgh, Newcastle), Transavia (Amsterdam), Thompson (Coventry, Doncaster Sheffield), . There is a train station right at the airport where you can catch a train to the Central station, or even all the way to Florence. Or take the convenient shuttle bus to Florence (see the “Terravision” kiosk in the lobby), or take a bus or taxi to the Pisa Central station and take a train from there. A taxi all the way to Florence costs about €120, depending on the amount of luggage.

Rome “Leonardo Da Vinci” Airport is also known as “Fiumicino.” You can either take a taxi or train into the city. If you are a group of two or more and have lots of luggage (and it is not rush hour!), then it is probably easier, faster, and only marginally more expensive to take a taxi. The other choice is the train, which is handy since you can take your luggage cart from the airport to the station. Exit the Arrivals terminal and follow the signs for the train station, which is directly across the street. Cross the two-lane road and go up to the station, recognizable by a large clear plastic awning that covers the stairway leading up to the platform. There are elevators if you have a lot of luggage: when you get to the stairs, turn right and then left. There is a railway ticket office inside where you can buy your ticket to Rome and other destinations (like your return tickets for the end of the trip). If you are only going into Rome, you can buy tickets at the tobacconist (“Tabacchaio”) next to the ticket office. This is sometimes quicker. Tickets to Rome cost around €11. You can also buy a booklet of 7 for €60. There is a direct train to the main Roma Termini station every twenty minutes. If you are heading for another destination (like Tiburtina station), then you must take the train that stops at all stops.

Trains from Fiumicino (Rome) Airport to Roma Termini (the central train station)

This “Leonardo Express” depart every 30 minutes; the trip takes 30 minutes.

Fiumicino Airport to Roma Termini at :05 and :35 past the hour, runs from 6:35 a.m. to 23:35 p.m.

Roma Termini to Fiumicino Airport at :22 and :52 past the hour, from 5:52 a.m. to 22:52 p.m.

Trains from Rome to Florence: there are frequent fast trains, either Eurostar (travel time 1 hr 36 mins) or IC-InterCity trains (2 hrs): 7:30 (ES), 7:42 (IC), 8:30 (ES), 8:50 (ES), 9:00 (ES), 9:30 (ES), 10:30 (ES), 10:52 (ES), 11:30 (ES), etc.

Milan “Malpensa” Airport: Please note that there are two airports in Milan. Most international flights fly into Malpensa. To get into the city you can take a taxi (expensive), bus, or train. The “Malpensa Shuttle” bus departs every 20 mins and goes to the Central train station. The trip costs €5 and takes about 50 mins. The “Malpensa Express” train is quicker during peak traffic hours, but goes to the Cadorna train station (a short taxi or metro ride from Centrale). It departs every 30 minutes, costs €11 (€13.50 if purchased on the train), and takes 40 minutes. Milan is a central rail hub for all of Italy, with frequent fast trains to other cities. The high-speed Eurostar train takes 2 hours 47 minutes to reach Florence. For information on both airports, see: .

Milan “Linate” Airport: Linate is about 7 km (4 mi) from Milan, and the Central train station is easily reached by airport bus, departing every 30 minutes from the Arrivals terminal. Fare is €3, buy tickets at the Agenzia Autostradale Linate or on board. The bus stops at the Lambrate train station in Milan before reaching the Central Station. Taxis to the center cost about €15

For more information of train schedules see

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